Sunday, November 14, 2010

Future ideas for SAW? Traps, plots,

If you haven`t seen the new SAW 3D (2010)yet, this post won`t make a lot of sense. That`s okay, because in Dimensions of Fear, very few things make any sense (Meet the Feebles anyone?). But this post will remain somewhat spoiler free, and try to only allude to things most people already know about the movie.


So Saw 7/EndGame/3D: The Traps Come Alive is supposed to be the final movie in the epic franchise, but we`ve heard similar things about other movies - remember Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter? (1984) - and the producers did say that they will keep making these movies as long as they keep making money. So here are my predictions for SAW VIII.

  • Opening Scene: Running short of ideas to keep this franchise going, James Wan and Leigh Whannel wake up in a very familiar bathroom, or at least familiar to Whannel who not only co-wrote SAW (2004) but played the role of Adam in the original film. A telivision set sitting on the toilet turns on and Billy the Puppet tells them they have "sold out" and rejected their roots, and they have three hours to complete a script bringing the franchise back to life.
  • Running short of ideas, Wan and Whannel resort to other projects they have worked on to come up with supplementary material, borrowing from Dead Silent (2007) and Repo! The Genetic Opera (2009). Testify!
  • A murdered ventriliquist posesses Billy and after singing a song about being trapped in a box, we see Billy perform the kidnapping of Wan and Whannel. Meanwhile, he goes on his unholy mission to use gory death traps to get the other staff at Twisted Pictures and Lionsgate to understand the error of their ways. This way, the persons have to kill themselves as revenge for killing SAW. 
  • After the script is completed to part VIII (Titled "SAW VIII: The Dead Silent Musical") all the Saw fans gather in the theatre "Testifying" about how Jigsaw/John Kramer saved them and made them appreciate the value of their lives.
  • James Wan and Leigh Whannel, having survived and putting together a script make their way over to the theatre to stop the ghost of the ventriliquist. The film reel is destroyed partway through and the ventriliquist must improvise using live performances, still keeping to the musical theme. While Wan hunts down and destroys Billy, thus taking away the ventriliquist's "channel." But something is wrong. The show must go on, and it turns out the entire time that Whannel was a puppet carved out of a human, and Wan is powerless to stop the show. instead of the usual "Game Over" we hear the ventriliquist say "Who's Playing Games Now?"
And that is how movie VIII would have gone. It's probably a good thing I'm not a producer. And by the way, if you're interested in Vincent Price check out my latest post on HubPages: The Many Faces of Vincent Price! Don't forget to visit my twitter as well, @videorewind.

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