Saturday, October 23, 2010

I Always Like a Good Scare...

I have a bad habit of staying up late to watch some kind of scary movie. I don't know why. Last night I was up late watching Triangle and the 1953 version of House of Wax. The former was more of a modern day psychological thriller while the latter was pretty tame by today's standards. I've stayed up late to watch the new remake to Friday the 13th which was also disappointing to me. House of Wax was worth watching just to see Vincent Price, even if the movie wasn't very scary. In another Vincent Price movie, The Tingler - a William Castle masterpiece - there is a creature, in a sort of symbiotic relationship (or parasitic) with humans that live on our spine and it feeds and grows stronger off of our fears. When it grows, we get that "tingling sensation." So here I'd like to list some of my "spine-tingling" moments in horror.

  • First, In relation to the spine, is the spinal tap scene in The Exorcist. You can almost feel it for yourself!
  • Last October I went to see Saw VI on opening night. But I went to a theatre where horror movies don't do so well, and the theatre was completely empty. This actually frightened me more than the movie itself, since despite the dwindling success of the Saw franchise, the theatres were usually packed when I saw a movie.
  • I was about nine years old when I first saw Pet Semetary. Needless to say, I was frightened.
Sometimes it's not the scary stuff that gives us the heeby-jeebies. Sometimes it's the abnormal. So here are some spine-tingling "WTF" moments from the Just Plain Weird category:
  • In Hannibal when Dr. Lector has Clarice over for dinner, and he lifts the scalp off her boss. That didn't scare me, but most definitely gave me a chill.
  • In May when her home-made doll reached to give her a hug, that was just unexpected. It wasn't even very sudden, but my brain processed it as being out of place.
So I'm still on a search for the ultimate in spine-tingling movies, my personal grail quest. So feel free to drop back in to my dimension and maybe get a good scare or two as well.

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